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|17 ||[[xxx]] ||  ||  
|17 ||[[xxx]] ||  ||  
[[Change Backlog]]

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First steps

Next steps

Links zur zu übersetzenden Seite Bemerkungen Silke Bemerkungen Cynthia
1 Commitment
2 Training Card
3 Certification
4 Training Schedule
5 Training Phase
6 Kaizen
7 Remote Moves
8 Agile Moves Quick Start bitte als nächstes übersetzen
9 Training Schedule Pomodoro Technique
10 Trainingskarten zur Pomodoro Technique Training Card: How much fits in a tomato?, Training Card: Timer Set, Ready, Go, Training Card: I’m in the middle of a tomato, Training Card: Playing with Time,Training Card: What can be done in a day?
11 Agile Moves Practices Hier habe ich keine Ahnung, wie man das Wort "Vorturner" übersetzen kann. Bitte Info, damit ich die Seite anlegen kann
12 Agile Moves Principles
13 Resilience
14 Eye Level
15 Continuous Synchronization
16 Training Card: What should be different?
17 xxx