Training Card: How much fits in a tomato?

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  • Successful time management requires an awareness of what you do the entire day and how much time your tasks need.
  • To sharpen this awareness, you can set yourself a precise time frame to see what you manage to do within this time.
  • You can make your training more measurable by setting a timer which gives you a signal when the time frame is over.
  • A time frame may last 5 or 10 minutes. 25 minutes has proven to be a good length to start with for thought-intensive tasks (before concentration starts to fade).
  • It’s not about how fast you work within the time frame; rather, you want to find out what you can manage at a comfortable pace.
  • Francesco Cirillo, the inventor of the Pomodoro Technique®, coined the phrase “tomatoes” for these time frames. In his technique, tomatoes have a time length of 25 minutes, followed by a 5 minute break.

Training Tasks

  • Begin by selecting the time length of 25 minutes, as suggested by Francesco Cirillo.
  • Set your timer, and then devote this time to something you’ve planned to do. After the timer goes off, write down how much you’ve managed to do.
  • To have this move certified, you’ll need to repeat this time frame eight times within a two week period.
  • Share your documentation with your team and get a sign-off on your results.


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