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The objective of the Pomodoro Technique training plan is

  • to work on an issue in a concentrated, dedicated manner for a determined period of time
  • to practice concentration individually and as a team
  • to create accurate predictions for the work of the team and its individuals
  • to achieve a stronger synchronization of the team’s work


The basic set-up follows the Training Schedule Concept and is divided into three plus one optional training card per Training Phase. The Pomodoro Technique training plan consists of three Training Phases. The phases can be carried out consecutively or parallel to one another. Each Training Card is a component in the Training Phase and includes the process and goals of the respective training step (Move).

Phase 1: Individual Tomatoes

Training Training Card Training Step ID
Move 1 How much fits in a tomato? Developing a sense for working in time slices TOM 07
Move 2 Timer Set, Ready, Go Selecting your working goal for a tomato TOM 01
Move 3 I’m in the middle of a tomato How to deal with disruptions and interruptions during a tomato interval TOM 02
Move 4 (optional) Playing with Time Working with time slices of different lengths TOM 03

Phase 2: A Tomato Day

Training Training Card Training Step ID
Move 1 What can be done in a day? Developing a sense for your daily workload TOM 17
Move 2 Totally Tomatoes Planning and evaluating a day TOM 04
Move 3 Daily Tomato Daily synchronization with your team TOM 09
Move 4 (optional) Daily Plan Star Ratings Team evaluation & handling team interruptions TOM

Phase 3: A Tomato Week

Training Training Card Training Step ID
Move 1 Weekly Tomatoes Schedule Develop a tomato forecast for a working week TOM
Move 2 Weekly Goal Concentrating on a goal TOM
Move 3 Weekly Meeting Weekly synchronization of goals and the steps leading to their achievement TOM
Move 4 (optional) Weekly Tomatoes Schedule Feedback Gathering the team’s feedback about the weekly plan TOM

About Working With Training Schedules

The training schedule consists of what you want to train within a reasonable amount of time, accompanied by a definite pledge to your undertaking, which is embodied in your commitment. It is similar to a Sprint Backlog. Therefore, depending on the commitment, a training schedule may include a single or several training phases, or it may make up only part of the training phase.

It’s important to customize your own training, and training with a prepared training schedule can help you attain your goals in a proven way. If resistance to a move is felt, thought should be given to including in the training precisely that which prompted the resistance. However, everyone who wants to train and come closer to their goals needs to make their own decisions regarding individual training and the moves to be included.


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