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Training Schedule

Each Agile Moves training unit is based on the principles of Kaizen, a method for achieving goals by utilizing small, simple and manageable steps. These principles also apply to training schedules which

  • are geared towards a defined goal and
  • contain Moves that are executed consecutively or are merged with one another.

Everything which you want to achieve within a reasonable time frame belongs to your training schedule (similar to a Scrum Sprint Backlog). Therefore, your training schedule might also consist of only one single move.

Training Schedule vs. Training Phase

A Training Phase is composed of several training steps (Moves), which are carried out sequentially or are merged with one another. The training schedule consists of what you want to train within a reasonable amount of time, accompanied by a definite pledge to your undertaking, which is embodied in your Commitment. Therefore, depending on the commitment, a training schedule may include a single or several training phases, or it may make up only part of the training phase.

Training Schedule Examples