Training Card: What can be done in a day?

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German Version

  • We often overestimate the capacity which a day can reasonably yield, and end up carrying around with us a feeling of loss for not having done enough, or being frustrated because external influences prevented us from getting to the work we had planned to do.
  • When you begin to document what can be fit into your day, you’ll get a feeling for what your true daily capacity is.
  • However, it’s not about how much you can absolutely cram into one day. You’re trying to find out the amount work you can manage at a pace that you’re satisfied with and can sustain for the long-term. So after doing several consecutive daily documentations, you shouldn’t show any signs of fatigue.
  • It’s also useful during your daily routine to do tomatoes, in order to get a feel for how many tomatoes fit into your day. (siehe Training Card: How much fits in a tomato?)
  • Of course, a normal workday includes unexpected happenings, things which don’t work out straightaway and difficulties which have to be dealt with. Be sure to plan your day with a typical- not an idealized- working day in mind.
  • You can also include appointments and other activities in your daily documentation.

Training Tasks

  • Document your daily activities within a two week period on eight different days.
  • Document all appointments and activities. When you do your tomatoes, indicate them separately.
  • Add up your daily capacity in the evening by listing your tomatoes and your working hours separately.
  • Show your documentation to your team.


  • Pomodoro Technique: [1]

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