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  • The Pomodoro Technique® is a time management tool developed by Francesco Cirillo. It can help you work in a more concentrated, goal-oriented manner.
  • Using this technique, you work in specific time frames, for example, 25 minutes with a five minute break afterwards. Cirillo named these time frames “tomatoes” after the popular tomato-shaped kitchen timers.
  • While the timer is counting down the time in your time frame, you should try as much as possible to prevent interruptions.
  • You might perceive time which you’ve divided into tomatoes differently. Focus each tomato on a specific task.
  • You’ll select the goal for your tomato before you start and after you’re finished, you’ll review your results, considering your satisfaction with them.
  • The breaks between tomatoes help you to maintain your concentration and motivation over a longer period of time.

Training Tasks

  • Get yourself a timer – you can use various timer apps or a regular egg timer.
  • Initially, make sure to do at least 12 tomatoes within two weeks.
  • Spread out your tomatoes over a minimum of 8 different days.
  • If you’d like, you can also apply the tomato technique to manage time in different areas of your life (day-to-day activities, job, educational pursuits, housework, hobbies).
  • Make sure to document the goals for your tomatoes before you begin them and afterwards to document your experiences and results.


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