Training Card: Playing with Time

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German Version

  • Giving your tomatoes a length of 25 minutes is merely a suggestion. Other time lengths may also work well for various situations.
  • You can try out different tomato time lengths to see what suits a particular situation best.
  • While experimenting with the rules, it’s important to maintain clarity, otherwise you might quickly lapse into arbitrariness.
  • Before you begin the tomato, make sure to decide how long it will be. Applying a certain time length for several tomatoes in a row will help you develop a feel for this specific length.
  • Ideas for Tomato Lengths:
    • 5 min tomato
    • 15 min tomato
    • 20 min tomato
    • 45 min tomato

Training Tasks

  • In a two week period, include three phases in which you alter the length of the tomatoes.
  • Each phase should consist of 2 – 4 days on which you are doing your tomatoes. Within this time you shouldn’t alter the length of the tomatoes.
  • In each phase, do at least three tomatoes with the same length in a phase, for a total of 9 tomatoes with the same length.
  • Document each tomato and also write down the answers to the following questions to boost your awareness:
    • What’s good for me?
    • Do I stick to the length of my tomatoes?
    • Do I lose my concentration during a tomato?
    • Do I need longer or shorter tomatoes? Why?


  • Pomodoro Technique: [1]

ID: TOM 03