Software Development Workshop 4

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Workshop Series Software Development

Workshop 4: "Creating A Training Plan"

  • Input: Training Ideas Backlog
  • Output: Training Plan

After the completion of the first 3 Software Development Workshops "What Does My Team Need?", "How Good Are We?" und "Gathering Training Ideas" you’re now ready to design a specific course of training.

You’ve already gathered enough material in your Training Ideas Backlog (which corresponds to the Product Backlog in Scrum terms) to assemble your first training plan.

Now, by prioritizing the items in your Training Ideas Backlog and placing highly rated ideas at the top, you can tell which training ideas are most important for the team.

Each training idea is a move, and should therefore only consist of a small, simple training step, which can be managed on the job in 1 to 2 weeks. After you’ve arranged your Backlog, it’s time to determine your training plan for the near future (1 to 2 weeks). Speaking in Scrum terms, you’ll fill your Sprint Backlog with the moves which you want to make. Even if you have resolved to do a complete phase of training, only place items in you training plan which you’ll focus on within the next Sprint, up until your next team retrospective.

Training Tasks

  • Material: Post-it Notes
  • Time: approx. 60 - 90 min.

Go through the Training Ideas Backlog together and re-prioritize it. You can use a star rating system to do this:

  • Every team member assigns each training idea 1 to 5 stars.
  • All the stars given are then counted.
  • Arrange the moves so that the ones with the most stars are placed at the top.
  • If some moves receive the same number of stars, discuss all arguments concerning these moves and then arrange them into the ranking accordingly.

Now put the next moves you want to focus on into your Training Plan. In Scrum terms, the Training Plan is equivalent to the Sprint Backlog.

Each move that will now be focused on needs to have a specific goal and a clearly defined task. (Example: Have at least four 25 min. long Pairing Sessions with a minimum of 2 different team members within 2 weeks.) Each team member that wants to enact a move makes a commitment to it for this phase of training and seeks out reviewers (two or more team members).