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Certification is related to your Commitment, to what degree you want to involve others in your training, and how you want to get feedback. Who should confirm that your training has been carried out? Should you do it yourself? Do you want to share your decision to train with others?

Each level is entirely acceptable. However, the higher the level you choose, the more intense the training impact will be, because you’ll receive feedback from others and will be recognized and supported for your undertaking.

Level Certification Commitment
Level 1 I certify myself
Level 2 I look for another person to certify me
Level 3 I look for at least two certifiers
Level 4 I have myself certified by an entire team

Team Certification

You can decide to have a Move conclude with a certification by the team of reviewers. The reviewers confirm that the move has been executed by signing off on a Moves Certificate.

Working with team certifications usually has several positive effects on the team’s collaboration:

  • Increased transparency - team members know who wants to train what, and they keep track of the process.
  • This transparency creates a better understanding for both individual and team development processes.
  • Each member broadens their own horizons.
  • Knowledge is distributed better throughout the team.
  • Team members individually learn what they can reasonably expect from one another.
  • Participating in the moves of other team members provides each member with inspiration for their own moves, which serves as the impetus for continuous further development.

The team’s responses can open up new room for a more free and open feedback culture which can be encouraged to develop further.