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The 12 Agile Moves Principles are the guidelines for the further development of the Agile Moves framework and form the fundamental assumptions on which it is based:

  • The best coach for the team is the team itself.
  • Mastery isn’t brought about by automation, but rather by comprehension.
  • Sustainable training gives you more energy than it requires from you.
  • Moves train people, not processes.
  • Each team achievement is a synergy of individual skills and synchronization within the team.
  • Customized further development needs to be continuously incorporated into the team’s interactions.
  • All training requires a goal.
  • When training, what counts is what you measure.
  • The size of the training step doesn’t determine its impact.
  • How you think the moves are affecting you doesn’t matter. The fact that they are affecting you is the only thing that counts.
  • Your training’s worth is your self-worth.
  • Training never stops.